Real world. Real risks. Real training.

Instructors with real world experience will train your employees how to identify security threats and mitigate risks to your business.

Train your employees

Identify Security threats

Mitigate risks

We train better

Access a roster of instructors with extensive personal experience. Get real world expertise, real scenarios, and real training to delivered to your office.

Subject matter experts

Organized crime in Latin America, for example.

Development training for executives working abroad

Be prepared: invest in the protection and education of one of your biggest assets, your workforce.

Risk minimization for employees

Lower internal theft, or handle cross-cultural issues.

Advanced interview techniques

Modern techniques for interviewing potential employees or anyone that has information you need.

Threat awareness

Assessing internal and external threat in major cities across Latin America.

Return on investment

Training can reduce insurance premiums, cut recruitment costs, and count for industry certifications.

Reduce exposure to current problems, and limit future ones.


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Southern Pulse Training - Why Southern Pulse Training

Why Southern Pulse Training?

We believe training is a solution to many of the operational problems facing companies in Latin America. Our instructors leverage their real world experience for your benefit, and have the ability to hand craft courses to meet your needs.



Southern Pulse Training - Advanced Interview Techniques

Advanced Interview Techniques

Our flagship course brings the latest in interview techniques to companies in order to help them detect lies and reduce exposure to potential risks.



Southern Pulse Training - Urban Threat Awareness

Urban Threat Awareness

With a focus on threats and vulnerabilities for business professionals, this course uses interactive and practical demonstrations to teach skills necessary for avoiding risks in the urban environment.



Not your everyday training.

See our feedback:


  • "Appreciated the interactive concept of the class - opened my eyes regarding the recruitment process... I was never bored"

A sample of what we provide for you:

Emotional Intelligence

  • Lie Detection in the Workplace
  • Addiction Detection in the Workplace
  • Risk Detection in the Workplace
  • Extortion Detection/Management in the Workplace
  • Critical Interview Techniques
  • Communication Techniques in High Risk Environments


  • Mechanisms of White Collar Fraud
  • Economics of Black Markets in the Americas
  • Manufacturing and hospitality in High-Risk Regions
  • How Money Launderers Disguise Ownership
  • Transnational Illegal Arms Trade
  • Drug Trade and Trafficking Techniques in Brazil

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